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3Fs for F(Ph)otography

With the quality of images shot on mobile getting better each year, you may find yourself shooting more with your phone. While some may prefer shooting with the DSLR, others are making the switch simply because of the convenience with shooting with your smartphone. Many more have started taking interest in photography since they discovered they can take stunning photos with just their phones. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce to both new and veteran photographers what ShiftCam believes to be the 3 important Fs of Photography. 

1. F(Ph)otography

F is for… Fotography? Language is such a fickle thing. While “photography” is spelled with a “ph” in English, here is how a few other countries spell it:

  • German: fotografie
  • Italian: fotografia
  • Spanish: fotografía
  • Croatian: fotografija
  • Indonesian / Malay: fotografi

This may come in handy when you’re looking to travel in 2023 and wanting to ask the locals to take some “fotos” with you. After all, one of the biggest parts of traveling is taking photos. While some may prefer bringing a professional camera, others find convenience and merit in shooting with the iPhone / Android that’s always on you. However, one of the biggest obstacles to overcome during traveling is running out of battery.

Extend your shooting time and capture up to 3x more content with ProGrip’s wireless powerbank to keep your phone charged

Bringing the right gear for your every trip is essential to getting the shots you want. ProGrip Starter Kit can not only extend your shooting hours with a built-in 6400mAh powerbank, but also keep your hands fatigue-free with comfortable curvature design in the grip. This is what makes the ProGrip an essential accessory to your everyday carry #EDC.

2. Fun

What’s the point in doing what you’re doing when you’re not having fun? Whether you’re taking pictures to share a beautiful scenery with others or to relive a special moment as a memory in the future, everyone has their own reason to take the camera out of their pocket. With a reason to shoot, there will never be a dull moment when you’re taking photos. When you’re having fun as you shoot, your brain juices are starting to flow and you start to explore the infinite possibilities of shots you could take and everything just lines up from there.

Have fun while creating content with a convenient magnetic SNAP to the back of your phone.

Designed with content creators in mind is the SnapGrip Creator Kit. Quick and fun magnetic snap to the back of your phone is not only fun, but also extremely convenient when it comes to mix and matching your setup with the SnapGrip, SnapPod, and SnapLight. The compact size and MagSafe charging capability makes it a perfect #EDC for bringing it out to any occasion. Just Snap, Grip, & Shoot. Have loads of fun shooting with SnapGrip, regardless whether it’s for creating content for Instagram or capturing the moment for your collection.

3. Family / Friends

The definition of family could mean something different for everyone. Family could mean your blood-related kin, or a few close friends that have been with you through thick and thin. They become the ones you look forward to seeing at the end of each day and exchanging stories with. Whether you are a photographer, content creator, or just someone that loves to shoot and share, capturing the memories while staying in the moment has never been easier with our smartphones integrated as part of our Everyday Carry (#EDC). There is no better time than now to live, shoot, and share the moment with those you cherish most. So, let’s start shooting now

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