Widest View Ever

12mm Ultra-Wide Angle

Capture your surrounding environment into a single frame

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Show vast landscapes in ultra-wide view

Capture astonishing images of landscapes in the widest view possible, with layered composition to immerse your audience into the scenery.

Fit surrounding

environment into frame

Immerse fully into the subject environment - fit all the elements that surrounds you into your frame.

300% more

Expand your view to discover a new perspective - see 3 times more than your phone's primary phone camera.

Intensify distance perspectives

Create comprehensive layered composition - achieve a 3-dimensional view that draws your audience into the scene.

Capture 3x more content in your shot to add drama

Global Award winning products

Reddot Design Award 2018

Competed with 6300 innovations from 59 countries, judged by 39 well known professional jury members.

CES Innovation Award 2020 & 2018

Honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology, judged by independent industrial designer, engineer and trade press.

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"ShiftCam lens came up on top for its value, ease of use, and performance." - Tom's Guide

"Best Gifts For Travelers Who Never Check A Bag" - Forbes

"ShiftCam case adds even more lenses to the phones" - CNet



Angle:48 Degrees

AR Coating:Multilayer


Min Focus Distance:10-15mm

Mount:M12 x P0.75

Material:Hand-Crafted Glass, Aluminium



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