Portrait Photography

Shoot Portraits Like a Pro

Create stunning emotional portraits of your subject, by focusing in with a compressed perspective with added shallow depth of field.

60mm Telephoto ProLens

Jesper McIlroy

Celebrity Photographer

"This is the lens of choice for candid portraits of 1-2 people, for close-ups to capture emotions and facial expressions, or zooming in when your family is doing an activity from a distance."

Capture Intimate Portraits Without Having to Get Too Close

"One of the major tips for shooting portrait is to make your subject feel comfortable and at ease. This lens allows you to do that by allowing more distance in between."

Zoom in to Capture Facial Features and Expressions

"I think what makes a good portrait is the emotion, how you can capture those tiny expressions in the moment by highlighting the facial features of your subject."

Natural Proportions for a Flattering Look to Your Subject

"When capturing portraits of people, it's important that you keep the proportions balanced so your subject looks natural, how they would look if they were in front of you."


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