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ShiftCam: 6-in-1 dual lens case for iPhone 7/8 plus

Comprehensive | Convenient | Compact

Completely New Mobile Photography Experience.

With the world's first Slide and snap mechanism of quality 6-in-1 lenses, ShiftCam provides comprehensive, convenient and compact solution for mobile photography. 

The lenses you need will always be a flick away. Without a look, you can shift to the lens you want within a second. ShiftCam revolutionise photography and videography. 

Compatible with:

iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 8 Plus

Shiftcam makes the iPhone seem generations ahead of itself, and I can't imagine going back to taking pictures without it.

by Emily Barrett, Viral Thread

6-in-1 Dual lens

Comprehensive kit at your fingertips

I t is the world’s first 6 in 1 dual lens case for iPhone 7 Plus that you can carry it in your pocket. ShiftCam comprises of 6 high-quality lens in an easy switching lens attachment, that optimize the benefit of your iPhone 7 Plus dual cameras.

Slide and Snap 

Fast and accurate auto lens alignment, simply convenient.

Never miss a shot with ShiftCam. The moment you put on ShiftCam, you become a full range photographer at any time and any places. Switching from telephoto lens to macro lens in less than 1 second, with ShiftCam, you can truly capture the world without interruption.

The complete package

Grip, lens cap, strap, you have got everything you need.

ShiftCam comes with a perfect solid grip, fully protective lens cap and a strong yet detachable strap. We thought out every scenes for you. 

Protective Casing Design

Military case design protect your phone whenever and wherever you go.

ShiftCam gives you a solid protection to your iPhone with slip resistant material military shock-proof case design. 

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What other says about ShiftCam?

" it combines all those lenses in a very easy-to-use lens case. Switching lenses is really quick and much less fiddly than with individual add-ons  "

by DPREVIEW - Digital Photography Review

"これに対しSHIFTCAMは、iPhone 7 Plusと一体化していて、撮りたいときに素早くレンズを切り替えれば撮影できる。レンズは指でスライドするだけで正しい位置に固定され、カメラとレンズがずれるといった失敗がない。"

by Cnet Japan

"This gives you the option to capture stunning landscapes and beautiful close-ups. Unlike clip-on lenses, SHIFTCAM is always there when you need a shot, and it doesn’t fill your pockets with tiny glass. It also aligns perfectly with your iPhone’s camera every time."

by Gadgetflow

"6-in-1 lens case that enables you to take high-quality shot in the most comprehensive way."


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