RevolCam Lens Clip only with Selfie Mirror


RevolCam Lens Clip only with Selfie Mirror

  • RevolCam Lens Clip only with Selfie Mirror
  • RevolCam Lens Clip only with Selfie Mirror
  • RevolCam Lens Clip only with Selfie Mirror

RevolCam Lens Clip only with Selfie Mirror


3-in-1 Multi-Lens System

Giving you a choice of wide-angle, fisheye and macro lenses, RevolCam™ opens up the creative options for Smartphones like never before. Get in close with the macro lens, capture glorious landscape vistas with the wide-angle lens, and explore the creativity of the fisheye. Because you can swap lenses at will in a second, you always have every option available, all the time.

RevoLens Design

It is our unique rotary lens system that is the core innovation in RevolCam™, as it ensures you can swap lenses with just the flick of a finger in a second. No need to remove anything or waste time swapping lenses when you want to be capturing the shot. With our RevoLens design, you simply revolve the lenses to choose the one you want. The lenses are automatically centered perfectly when you use them, so you have ALL the creative options available, ALL the time.  

Built-in Selfie Mirror

We all know the best camera on your smartphone is on the back, so why do we have to take selfies with the front one? With its built-in selfie mirror, RevolCam™ lets you use the best camera for the best feature – You! See just what you are shooting with the mirror and get the perfect selfie in the highest-quality your phone can manage every time.

Universal Fitment

Enjoy the revolution in smartphone photography whatever phone you use! RevolCam™ is designed to fit easily onto any smartphone, and is small and lightweight enough that you will barely know it’s there. You don’t need the very latest phones to enjoy the benefits of creativity and quality that RevolCam™ brings, and when you swap your phone, you can take RevolCam™ with you to the new one!



  • Regarding Shipping

    Q: Do you ship worldwide?

    A: Yes, we ship worldwide!

    Q: Where is the order shipped from?

    A: All orders are shipped from our warehouse in Hong Kong.

    Q: When will I receive my order?

    A: It takes up to three days to process your order and 3-14 business days for standard delivery depends on the location.

    Regarding ShiftCam: 6 in 1 Dual Lens Case for iPhone 7 Plus

    Q: What is included in the package?

    A: ShiftCam Case, 6-in-1 lens attachment, lens cap, lens cleaning cloth, hand strap, packaging.

    Q: Does ShiftCam work with my smartphone?

    A: ShiftCam only works for iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 8 plus. If you are using another Smartphone, please check out RevolCam!

    Q: What are the 6 lenses on ShiftCam?

    A: 120 degree Wide-angle lens, 180 degree fisheye lens, 2.0X Telephoto, 10X Macro, 20X Macro and 2.0X Telephoto

    Regarding RevolCam

    Q: What is included in the package?

    A: RevolCam 3-in-1 lens clip with selfie mirror, LED light, lens cap and a lens cleaning cloth, packaging.

    Q: Does RevolCam work with my smartphone/ tablet?

    A: RevolCam works with any smartphone/ tablet!

    Q: Does RevolCam work with dual camera phone like iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

    A: RevolCam works with one of the cameras at a time!

    Q: How do I charge the LED light of RevolCam?

    A: RevolCam is a rechargeable battery charged via any Micro USB cable.

    Q: Does RevolCam work when the smartphone has a case on it?

    A: RevolCam works within 3mm distance from the camera. RevolCam lenses' diameters are enlarged to be able to bear up to 3mm distance from the camera.

    Q: How to adjust the brightness of RevolCam?

    A: Revolve the light cap to turn on the LED light and adjust the brightness of RevolCam’s LED light.

    Q: Will RevolCam damage the screen of the phone?

    A: It includes a soft substance on the clip that will not damage the screen of your phone.

    Q: What are the three lenses?

    A: 110 Degree wide-angle, 160 Degrees Fisheye, 20X Macro