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October 11, 2022
Overcome Your Fears

October is not only for spooky season Halloween, but also today's lesser known National Face Your Fears Day (October 11).

What fears do you have that's holding you back? Overcome your fears and unleash your potential! 

1. Fear of Failure

Ever dreamed of start a career as a TikTok influencer? YouTube content creator? What are you afraid of? Worried your content is not interesting enough? Concerned about low engagements or subscribers to your channel? Find out on yourself! Start creating content and discover a new you instead of running in a loop of uncertainty!

2. Fear of Heights

Not so confident around areas with a steep drop? Is this fear of falling holding you back? As a photographer, you'd hate to miss any opportunity to take the photo that no one else has seen before. 

Overcome your fear, one step at a time. We can eliminate your fear of dropping your phone over astounding heights. Consider getting theCinematic Set.Equip a Neck Strap to your ProGrip so you could shoot your shots with a secure grip on your phone. Add a 1.33x Anamorphic ProLens to help you take the cinematic shot of a lifetime.

3. Fear of the Dark


Afraid of what hides in the dark? Losing the visual sense can be terrifying, but with Halloween coming up, here's your golden opportunity to take on the challenge and take some spooky-themed photos. Keep ShiftCam's ProLED panels with you, then dim the lights bit by bit to get used to the darkness. Overcome your fear of the dark and upgrade your phonetography skills with Mobile Photography Essential Set.