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Jerry Chrisman
Love it!

Build quality is superb. Picture quality superb. This has exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend getting the Shiftcam universal case mount if you have a case as it make life super easy and it works perfectly for these lenses. These lenses are great for times when I can’t easily port my full frame camera set-up or I don’t have my full rig with me. Love this product, keep making great products!

Howard Field
Gets close but...

When I use it with the 2.5X lens it gives me issues with white balance and wants me to be closer.

Hi Howard! Thank you for your feedback - Could you tell us more on the issues you're experiencing? Alternatively, you may email us at so that our CS Specialists may help guide you.

Tranchell Stephen
60 MM lens

The lens mounts securely to the my iPhone 11 Pro case. The image is crystal clear.

Yuri Costa
Flawed masterpiece

I'm a photographer packing things up for a hitchhike, so I'll give a photographer's full review with a special focus on street photography background. Even invading a little of their personal space, the subjects tend to ease off and have less tension when you use a phone to photograph around

- Ridiculously sharp, this lens is really well made (reason why this review has 4 stars, the sharpness alone is what's making it have a good review because as you can see, there's more cons than pros)
- Really good construction, it's only metal and glass and it does feel premium, the price is amazing for what you get
- You can conceal and blend in much easier with this phone while walking around and still have a 40-50mm cropped sensor dslr lens. This will depend on the focal range of your phone camera in the first place but I'm pretty sure that the end result with most phones will be a 40-50mm lens
- You feel immersed with the product experience, some friends even asked me to record and send them the opening lol
- Really great support from the team, you guys are 10/10
- It DOES feel like a dslr lens, no joke. Once you adjust it just right, this lens will give you the minimum focal range for a photoshoot (without face distortion due to perspective) and a perfect range also for street photography

Cons: (note: most of the cons are not on the lens itself, but actually problems that came with it's usage)
- You actually get a 40-50mm lens, for anyone who has/had a DSLR, probably you know what this focal range is
- Not enough DoF for a 40-50mm lens, especially in a street photography scenario. It makes a rather shallow bokeh for a product that's marketed as a 60mm lens. I'm using a pixel 4xl so i can't manually set the aperture, and the bokeh i get is only when I manually focus on an area. If I don't select a focal point (even tho the only subject in the picture is a person) the background doesn't get bokeh and the whole image gets focused
- There are no covers for any other flagship phones, which makes you waste 10 minutes of your time getting the lens just right on the camera. And how disgraceful it is to take a nice picture and have to make a 1:1 crop because the edges are super blurry oh goooooood
- You will fear screen problems with your phone on the long run. You need to attach the universal mount tight to avoid it moving while you take pictures around so you don't waste more time to get it back into position. This fear will never leave you while you use the lens
- The lens cover they provided doesn't stay put, doesn't attach. They used magnets to hold it in place but despite having lots of magnets, the cover commonly leaves the lens when I put it on the bag which brings me to the next point...
- There no real case for this lens, only a cloth carrying bag. C'mon man I'm going to travel and this stuff was rather expensive, i need a real case, something that really protects, you know? They sell it only with a two lens kit wtf
- You can't use it with your phone case...
- No lens hood. Don't point it at a harsh source of light and don't drop it
- The lens shifts the center of gravity of your phone which will force you to change how you hold it. What's the problem then, you may ask, well if you care for your belongings you must always remind yourself that you're carrying an expensive phone + an expensive lens (well, expensive phone lens) and start to hold your kit at the middle of the phone, instead of at the bottom, but the keyboard is at the bottom... Your hands keep dancing, at the same time there's a pretty heavy weight on the corner top of your phone, oh man anxiety hits too hard for me to not point this out

Anyway, i have done a studio photoshoot with it that turned out great. I also think that this lens brand has a great capacity of being the most known in the market but the hashtags are pretty dead and there's simply no content of it online. Even the 60mm commercials are generic and doesn't give an honest view of the product. I will start to use the hashtags more as I'll mostly use the phone while traveling but the brand really needs to focus on getting recognition, content, reviews, a community you know?

I'm waiting for an 80mm telephoto lens (the 75mm macro definitely won't serve me), i will surely buy it as most of the problems that i talked about will get solved by a narrower focal range, it'll be perfect for me

Spencer Yu
Lenses are great, but case had issues

The lenses are top notch. However, the phone case for my iphone X with the adapter plate inside prevents one corner of the case from fully covering the phone. This causes the plate to move around when the heavy lens is attached.