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Thomas Gonwa
quality product

works well. Universal mount works well but need a better mount for iphone 14.

Douglas Blagriff
Lens Kit

This is totally worth buying. I especially use the wide angle lens. Get everyone in the picture with this.

Sally Wolfe

My name is Linda Mattingly Sally Wolfe is my sister and she purchased the lens for a gift to me. Please correct this information. Thanks Linda

Telephoto ProLens

A fantastic upgrade for my iPhone shots.

Peter Classen
Excellent lens quality..!

Excellent lens quality..!

The case is awesome and the threaded mount for the lens is very good quality.

Only used a few times since purchased.

Good results so far.

Thanks Shift Cam

Joshua Hall
Here is the deal..

The lens mount that is included doesn’t hold very well for iPhone 13 pro. There is only 1 pro pros to this review. Gonna start with the cons:
1. Lens mount doesn’t stay in place when screwing on the lens. If you tighten the mount too tight you lose touch screen control.
2. Customer service will charge you 20% restocking fee which is very wrong to do to the customer who spends hard earned money to purchase a product that is suppose to be high quality.
3. There is a lot of blur to the edges in your shots.
4. When the lens is mounted on the primary iPhone lens, it displays the Shiftcam lens covering it up. You have to switch between your iPhone lenses before it gives you the visual with the lens on. It will cause you to miss your shot!
5. Very time consuming when on the go. If you switch between lenses in a shoot, you will have to readjust the mount the. Put your lens on and do all the steps to get it right and then by that time you’ve wasted 2-5 minutes.

The only pro is that it is good for portability. That’s it.