Lifestyle Photography

Create Perfect Composition for Every Occasion

Fit more into your frame to create a rich image composition, perfect for everyday shooting of portraits, selfies, and flatlays.

18mm Wide-Angle ProLens

Emma Hewitt

Lifestyle Influencer

"This lens is so versatile and is my go-to for work or everyday shooting. Perfect choice for shooting flat lays, where you can showcase your subject materials with full visual impact."

Create an Exaggerated Distance Perspective

"With this lens, you can make the objects that are close to you appear much bigger and the ones in the background much smaller, creating an interesting contrast that brings focus to your subject."

Fit More Into Your Frame Even in Small Spaces

"This lens really comes in handy when you are trying to shoot in small spaces like a kitchen. It creates distance between you and your subject so you're able to fit much more into frame."

Capture the Perfect Flat Lay to Put Your Subject on Display

"Flat lays are definitely the most popular when it comes to social media, and this lens is the perfect choice for shooting those top down shots. You can fit everything on the table into frame without having to move too far away."


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