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Michael Beegle
Overall excellent value

They are a bit awkward to attach but give a good clear result.

Andreas Eriksson

Move give 5 if there was a better mount

Eugene Balestriere III
Not bad

There is definitely some distortion and some focal issues using these on my note 20 ultra but I still enjoy using them. Need to put them to use more.

Cassio Cappelossa
Lens attachments leave a lot to be desired

I like the lens kit but unfortunately it seems that unless you also spend money buying ShiftCam’s case for your phone, the built in lens adapter does not fit well with other cases and your phone is not flush with it, sticking out on that top right corner. It is not terrible but it is annoying enough for me.
The fact also that the adaptor piece is made of plastic and not metal worries me about stripping of the threading with continuous use. Attaching the lens is not always easy or fool proof - it usually never works in my first attempt - and you have to be VERY careful to make sure they are securely in or they may fall off from a height that would for sure render them unusable.
Overall the idea is nice and I am enjoying using my lenses but I wish the process for attaching them is improved. I do not think I will buy more lenses until that is fixed - or they should start throwing in a free phone case as part of the kit, when you also buy the built in attachment.
The external metal attachment that comes with it is clunky and you need to move it around depending on the direction your phone is, sometimes aligning it with the top lens on your phone, sometimes with bottom one so definitely not a practical solution.

Mark Szymura
Dream service

Made enquiries recently and had responses very quickly