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A well presented, quality lens kit

Like all Shiftcam products the lens kit is beautifully packaged and presented, supplied with a protective zip lens case and accessories.
The clear instructions and easy to use QR codes are well thought out to help you get started if you are unfamilar with the mobile lens kit.

The lenses are well made, metal finish and include an magnetically attached, metal lens cap.

The Photogrpahy Kit provides two popular lens focal lengths with 18mm and 60mm lenses. Both lenses provide enhancements to your creativity as well as providing improved images when used with the main camera lens / sensor, as this typically has a larger sensor and wider aperture.

A great addition to your phone or existing Shiftcam kit

Jogesh Raja
Easy and Quick Purchase

Easy to search the product. Tap click and your purchase is complete through PayPal.

Andy De

Photography Kit - ProLens Bundle

Sung Hyeon Joo
18mm Wide Angle ProLens

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Jerry Chrisman
Love it!

Build quality is superb. Picture quality superb. This has exceeded my expectations. I strongly recommend getting the Shiftcam universal case mount if you have a case as it make life super easy and it works perfectly for these lenses. These lenses are great for times when I can’t easily port my full frame camera set-up or I don’t have my full rig with me. Love this product, keep making great products!