Macro Photography

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Magnify the details of your subjects, where the value lies. Capture impressive textures of materials to reveal the macro perspective.

Traditional 10x Macro ProLens

Aaran Vargas

Nature Photography Enthusiast

"One of the best things about this lens is how small and convenient it is to carry, but still it's able to deliver these amazing macro images with up to 25x magnification."

Magnify the Intricate Details of Your Subject

"With this lens, you can get real up close to your subject to capture those intricate details of nature, like the petals of a small flower or moss with different textures."

Magnifying Glass on Your Mobile

"This lens is almost like a magnifying glass for your phone. If you zoom in with your phone along with the lens, you can actually capture the cool textures and details beyond what you are able to see."

Added Depth of Field to Create Sharp Focus on Subject Details

"With macro shots, especially if you are shooting plants, flowers, or small insects, the added depth of field really helps put a strong focus on the details you are trying to highlight in your shot.


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