March 14, 2019
ShiftCam's Telephoto ProLens is rated the best of the best!

The Best of the Best – Telephoto ProLens

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Best Mounting System With Top-Notch Photo Quality
"We liked the ease with which we could swap out the lenses, and the quality was top-notch on the photos taken using this lens."


Gives The Sharpest Image Outdoor & Indoor.

It is our honored to have ShiftCam 2.0 Telephoto ProLens considered the best out of the best by Tom's Guide in their latest shootout.

From their test shot, ShiftCam 2.0 Telephoto ProLens gives out the sharpest image in both indoor and outdoor environment.

"....ShiftCam's lens showed the least amount of chromatic aberration around the glowing Apple logos. (This effect appeared as purpleish fringing, most noticeably around the edges of objects.)"

Without telephoto lens

ShiftCam Telephoto ProLens

Without telephoto lens

ShiftCam Telephoto ProLens

Taken at the Grand Central Terminal, New York City
Extracted from Tom's Guide iPhone Telephoto Lens Shootout

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ShiftCam 2.0: Telephoto ProLens Only - ShiftCam


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