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April 22, 2021
7 ProTips On How To Photograph Food Like A Pro With Your iPhone

It seems that everyone’s a foodie nowadays. We all love to eat. And when we are enjoying a really special meal, of course we want to share it with all our friends or maybe put a stunning picture or video on our social media page or our blog. Food shots can happen at any time. So how can we take the best pictures without a big elaborate studio setup? Here are a few tips to help you take great food images with your iPhone and make all your friends jealous. Or, at least, very very hungry!


How to photograph food like a pro

ProTip 1. Think About Colours

Colour is everything when photographing food. Think of succulent reds, crunchy greens and tasty yellows. Learn what colours work with each other. And also the background. What is on the table or surrounding your dishes? The cutlery, tablecloth, sauces. They all add to the impact of your pictures.

Sample of colourful food photo

ProTip 2. Embrace Natural Lighting

Good lighting is critical. Use natural lighting whenever you can. Maybe outside on a patio, or by a window. A light source from over your shoulder can work well. A diffuser can soften the light, or you can even consider using simple white cards to bounce light into shadowy areas.

Sample of food photo with natural lighting

ProTip 3. Get Up Close

Shoot up close to capture all the details. Your images should be crisp and clear, never blurry. Experiment. The ShiftCam 10x Macro ProLens is great for this as it gives you fabulous texture and detail that really bring all the ingredients and colour to life...yum!

Sample of detailed food photo

ProTip 4. Keep The Clutter Away

Remember the food itself is always the hero. Concentrate on that. Napkins and tableware and dishes can add texture and context, but only if they make the food look even better or enhance the lighting or colour. Otherwise keep your shot clean and free of clutter.

Sample of food photo without clutter

ProTip 5. Use Depth Of Field

Focus near the front edge of the food and shoot macro with a shallow depth of field. The ShiftCam 75mm Long Range Macro ProLens is terrific for this, it can give you amazing detail, even from just 10 cm away and really brings things like delicate garnishes to life.

Sample of food photograph with depth of field

ProTip 6. Set Your Table

While the food should always be the hero, the surroundings are important too. Think of the background and foreground. Do your dishes match the colour of your food and complement the setting? Try rearranging the cutlery, napkins, and sauce dishes to create an artistic setting.

Sample of food photograph with table setting

ProTip 7. Pick An Angle

Most food photography is shot from directly above the food or from a side angle. The ShiftCam 18mm Wide-Angle ProLens is ideal for this as it gives you edge to edge clarity so you can include either a foreground or background or both and get every dish into your shot.

Sample of food photograph with flatlay angle

Now you have your tips, it’s time to put your new knowledge and skills into action. But never be afraid to experiment and try new things. Be creative. And even if you break all the “rules”, if the results are delicious food shots you want to eat right off the page then good for you. Well done! In fact, why not share some of your great ProLens shots with us and tell us how you got them.

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