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April 30, 2021
7 ProTips On How To Take The Best Portraits Of Your Pets With Your iPhone

Everybody loves pets. And it seems that these days, people just can't get enough of cute cats, adorable dogs and happy hamsters on social media. But it's not that easy getting great photos, since most pets won't sit still even for five seconds. And they're all such drama queens - especially cats! So to get the very best pics of your pets on your mobile, follow the tips we've gathered for you and get ready for tons of likes when your friends start witnessing your newfound skills.


Tip 1. Capture Your Pet’s Personality

A great pet shot captures an element of your pet’s character. Try and photograph them in their favourite spot, snoozing or playing. Or maybe chasing a ball or a stick. Ask yourself what’s special about your pet and try and build a story around that in your shot.

Tip 2.Be Still

Sometimes when your pet is doing something charming, you move for your camera and they stop! So to be really unintrusive, quiet and still, ShiftCam 60mm Telephoto ProLens allows you to shoot from further away but still be able to get that close-up shot. That way you can get those truly magical shots you’re aiming for.

Tip 3. Get Down To Their Level

For the best and most natural pet shots it’s often good to get on their level down on the floor. This can turn your shot into a close up portrait and really capture their personality. Use a bean bag or something to keep your iPhone steady.

Tip 4. Take Action Shots

Snoozing pets are fine, but why not catch your pet in action? The ShiftCam 230º Fisheye ProLens great for this as it gives you a dynamic angle that captures interesting action shots of your pet.

Tip 5. Focus On The Eyes

Get a close up shot of your pet’s eyes can create a wonderful sense of connection. Move in close, maybe after your pet has had dinner or is going to bed. Try and keep the background in neutral colours and uncluttered which will really bring out the emotion in your pet’s eyes.

Tip 6. Try Shooting Outside

Cats and dogs really come alive outside. And there are so many more options. Try shooting on an overcast day or around sunset to soften the shadows. And use your ShiftCam 230º Fisheye ProLens, it creates a fun and unique angle, making the movement shots really dynamic.

Tip 7. Have Treats Ready

Keep your photo pooch focused on the task at hand with little treats and toys. Cats are more prima donna camera queens than dogs, but a feather toy can catch their attention. Maybe get a friend to help, so you can concentrate on taking the shots.

OK, now you’ve read our tips, and shared them with your pet, it’s time to get in some serious shooting. Photographing your pets is always fun and if there are enough treats on hand they’ll enjoy it just as much as you. Use your ShiftCam 60mm Telephoto and 230º Fisheye ProLenses for extra drama and storytelling emotion, and along with your iPhone, we guarantee you’ll get some truly wonderful shots, a whole lot of laughs, meows and woofs. See you in the park.

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