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April 22, 2021
Shoot Like a Movie Pro with a Mobile Anamorphic Lens

Unlike regular lenses which are round, anamorphic lenses are curved, which gives the images they deliver a dramatic, motion picture ”look” that can be very atmospheric and heighten the emotional appeal of the shot. Previously only available to professionals, these lenses are now available on your phone with ProLens.


Shot on Anamorphic ProLens

Anamorphic lenses use a unique compression in the “bokeh”, or out-of-focus areas of the shot. This was developed originally for the wide-screens of movie theatres, and adds drama to high contrast areas such as distant lights against a night sky. The oval bokeh offers instantly recognisable characteristics of cinematography.

Sample photo of anamorphic shot

Get That Special Anamorphic Look

Among those characteristics are lens flares. Because anamorphic lenses reflect more light inside the optics, they produce dramatic streaks and blooms when overloaded with light. In this way they enable you to deliver astonishingly professional cinematography effects with just your phone.

Another reason professional film makers adopted anamorphic lenses, was because they offered a wider field of view and greater resolution. So Hollywood abandoned the 1.33 aperture ratio and embraced anamorphic lenses to achieve a true widescreen format on film leading to the current 21:9 aspect ratio.

Shot on Anamorphic ProLens

Big Screen Cinema Effects

Anamorphic lenses also provide another key cinematographic effect called barrelling. This means they offer distortion at the widest edges. Barrelling lets you stack subjects in a frame which you can’t do with regular round lenses and give your mobile footage a genuine big-production cinematic feel.

The oval shape of the anamorphic lens also offers another advantage called rack focusing. This means it “racks” or stretches out-of-focus areas vertically to create an aesthetically pleasing effect that is yet another distinguishing feature of big movie production quality and that special cinema look.

Shot on Anamorphic ProLens

Now Available on Your iPhone

For a long time all the benefits of anamorphic lenses were only available to professional film makers in big-budget Hollywood studios. But today that’s all changed. Now with ShiftCam 1.33x Anamorphic ProLens you can enjoy all the same dramatic anamorphic cinema effects including a 21:9 aspect ratio, real lens flares and that big movie look in your own videos directly on your iPhone.

So now’s the time to bring out your inner Spielberg, and take the next step up in your professional filmmaking journey with ShiftCam’s Anamorphic ProLens. Lights. Camera. Action!

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