September 27, 2022
Tips to Shoot Like a Professional on Phone

You might be thinking whether to buy a digital camera or to stick to shooting photos on your mobile phone. With the new iPhone 14 launch, mobile photography is evolving rapidly. Jumping from 12 to 48 megapixels, the gap between iPhone photography and the DSLR is narrowing. ShiftCam is here to further enhance your mobile photography shooting experience with ProGrip. Keep reading to unleash ProGrip’s full potential!

1. Shoot down low

With ProGrip’s ergonomic grip and hand strap, you can shoot from a low angle easily and comfortably.

2. Shooting on the Go!

ProGrip brings a new meaning to shooting on the go! If you have seen photographers on Instagram shooting with a gimbal or rig, you’d be able to achieve a similar stability with the ProGrip!

3. Dare to Shoot

ProGrip provides a sturdy hold to your phone. Dare to shoot in places you normally wouldn’t without breaking your new iPhone.

4. Burst Mode. On!

Shooting on an iPhone is never easy. Timing is everything and sometimes when a moment is lost, it’s lost forever. Shoot with burst mode to capture every second. Take your time to pick your favorite one later!