Grip. Snap. Shoot.

Everything you need to shoot amazing content on your phone, and tell your story your way. SnapGrip Accessories can be used on their own or snapped-to-attach together in any combination securely via MagSafe technology.

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Complete The Ecosystem

Grip. Snap. Shoot.

SnapGrip Ecosystem

Compatible with all smartphones

MagSafe compatible.

Magnetic Sticker is included for non-MagSafe phone

With a snap!

Using Magsafe Technology

With a snap!

Using Magsafe Technology


Magnetic Tripod & Handle Mount

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Angle Your Tripod

Get the Perfect Composition

The 360° rotatable ball head provides the freedom to explore creative angles.

Quickly Interchange From

Motion to Tabletop

SnapPod effortlessly transforms between a stable tripod and a reliable handle grip, ensuring steady shots for every scene.

Mount on All

Tripods with a Snap

Transform any tripod with a 1/4' screw mount into a SnapPod with the magnetic head attachment.


Magnetic LED Ring Light

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Brighter Everywhere

Flippable LED right light for hands-free lighting to instantly brighten up whatever's in front of you.

Perfect Lighting

As Bright as you wish

With 4 levels of brightness, always shoot with ease. No matter how dark, stay perfectly illuminated.

Double-Check, Triple-Check

With Built-In Mirror

Use the mirror to make your last minute checks before you go live.


Magnetic Cold Shoe Mount

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Craft Your Unique

Shooting Setup

Designed to work independently, in combination with SnapGrip Accessories and your other favourite accessories.


Mounting Size

Magnetic Cold Shoe Mount that securely attaches any of your favourite accessories to your mobile phone in a snap.

Be Your Own Creator.

SnapGrip Compatibility

iPhone 12 Series and Above.

Works with MagSafe

If Using with Case,

Must be MagSafe-Enabled or use the MagSafe Sticker provided.

All Other Phones

With MagSafe Sticker

Use on Outer Layer Only,

Either Directly on Phone or Case.

(iPhone 11 Series and below, Samsung, Motorola, Pixel, LG, OnePlus, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc)


Compatible with all smartphones

  • MagSafe compatible
  • Magnetic Sticker is included for non-MagSafe phone









Creators Kit

The SnapGrip System All-In-One.

Capture and share your passion with this Mobile Battery Grip, LED Selfie Ring Light and Video Selfie Stick & Tripod kit Bundle. The ultimate kit for photographers, videographers, content creators and more!

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Leave the darkness behind and step into the light. Each photo or video you take will be looking more refreshed and flattering with ProLED to help you out.

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ProMic Shotgun

Do you want better sound but fear bulkiness? The ProMic Shotgun is the perfect mic for creators like you. It picks up sound in a 45-degree range, keeping your audio crisp and clear.

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Transform Your Shots

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At our core, we are driven by a need to improve the lives of our customers. Our craftsmanship is the result of tireless research, where we push the boundaries of innovation to bring you the best mobile camera accessories possible.

It is with great pride that we share the acclaim that ShiftCam has garnered from the photography and videography community, as we have been privileged to receive the highly coveted CES Innovation Award and the esteemed Reddot Design Award multiple times.

However, we believe that our journey doesn't end with accolades and recognition; instead, they're an opportunity to refine our craftsmanship further. With LensUltra, each lens epitomizes the culmination of our dedication, expertise, and eager pursuit of excellence.

"No plugs, clasps, screws, or anything time-consuming. This puts them among the best smartphone photography accessories for me."

"The ShiftCam SnapGrip turned my iPhone into a DSLR, and I love it"

Christine Chan -

"There’s no denying that the SnapGrip makes smartphone photography a lot more fun and engaging.”

“One thing I appreciate about the SnapGrip and its accessories is the number of fallbacks they have”

Ryan Mense -

“The beauty of the Creator Kit is that it is modular thanks to a magnet on every device.”

George Cairns -

"I honestly had forgotten how much I missed holding a camera until I clicked the SnapGrip on."

Will Courtney -

"Anyone that struggles to take pictures with the built-in iPhone tools should look into the ShiftCam SnapGrip."

“SnapGrip on its lonesome is more of a slam-dunk for iPhone owners.”