ProLens Max : Part 1

See What ProLens Can Achieve!

ProLens Max : Part 1

See What ProLens Can Achieve!

Mobile photography capabilities have been improving rapidly in the recent years, but there will always be ways to enhance your shot even more. 

ProLens Max is able to overcome the edge-to-edge clarity and computational downfalls on your smartphone and produce professional shots every time. Find out more below. 

Next Generation of Mobile Lens

16mm Wide Angle ProLens

Range: 0.7X Wide Field of View.

Overview: Achieve ultra-wide field of view using your highest image quality main camera with 16mm Wide Angle ProLens. Zero compromise on image quality with 0.7X wider field of view to create the epic composition in your mind.

When to use it: Capture epic landscape photography with edge-to-edge clarity. Also suitable for architecture and wide portrait shots..

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Sharper Depth of Field

60mm Telephoto ProLens

Range: 2-5x Zoom

Overview: Portrait mode on your smartphone is a great way to blur your background, but computational depth of field has its limitations. 60mm Telephoto ProLens has clearer and sharper depth of field to distinguish your subject with the background.

When to use it: Suitable for close-up portraits, landscapes, and action

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Shooting Macro 

Videography & Photography

75mm Long Range Macro ProLens

Range: 5-10X Zoom

Overview: Capture not only macro photos but videos too with 75mm Long Range Macro ProLens. Shoot macro in detail 10cm away without intruding into your subject's personal space!

When to use it: Suitable for nature and food photographers or creatives obsessed with details

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